M-ERA.NET-Call 2019

The aim is to fund ambitious transnational RTD projects addressing materials research and innovation including materials for low carbon energy technologies and related production technologies. M-ERA.NET aims to strengthen the contribution of materials R&D to energy-related applications where applicable. The Call 2019 includes the following thematic areas:

Topic 1: Modeling for materials engineering and processing: All proposals should address environmental, including reuse, remanufacturing or recycling considerations, social or ethical impacts when relevant. 

Topic 2: Innovative surfaces, coatings and interfaces: This call will stimulate application driven development of innovative surfaces, (nano)- coatings, interfaces, and related process technologies. The proposals should consider the processing aspect of the new technology aiming for flexible and energy-efficient approaches in production with sustainable use of materials in an environmentally friendly manner.

Topic 3: High performance composites: This call topic is aimed at high performance composites having functional properties for engineering applications such as transportation, construction, packaging, energy, etc. To strengthen the whole innovation chain is strongly recommended that the project proposal covers materials, processing and application development of composites. 

Topic 4: Functional materials: Proposals within the scope of this topic should aim at the development of advanced functional materials or materials systems.

Topic 5: New strategies for advanced material-based technologies in health applications: The purpose of this call topic is to provide opportunities to advance material-based technologies towards the market related to bio scaffolds. This action is aligned with societal challenges regarding “Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing” as defined in the H2020 framework.

Topic 6: Materials for additive manufacturing: The objective is to develop innovative materials such as metals, ceramics, polymers and composites designed for use in AM processes (e.g. tuning composition, structure, morphology, powder processing parameters, etc.) and improved production systems in order to improve or modify properties for manufactured products. The final goal of proposed projects should be to demonstrate the ability of new materials and processes to achieve finished components exhibiting improved performance, preferably with reduced life cycle costs. 

The estimated total amount of public funding for all participating countries will be EUR 24 million. No overall limits have been defined on M-ERA.NET level but national/regional limits regarding the available funding will apply.

In this call funding is offered to innovative projects focusing on the thematic areas mentioned above. M-ERA.NET will support the research and innovation chain described through the Technology Readiness Levels (TRL).

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