Project opportunities

To ensure that people can consume healthy food in an affordable and sustainable way, offering food

produced from plant proteins is a must have.

To fuel our growth plan, we would like to create a new snacks segment from vegetable raw material

targeted on the nutritional values, the taste superiority and the sustainable sourcing.

To start toward our ambition, the two main focus points will be

1) Good functional properties of the vegetable source (gel formation and emulsification)

2) Fermentation of vegetable materials to create a good flavor and increase nutritional value

Our company have experts in the field of dairy fermentation and experts on the structuration of dairy

proteins. We would like to collaborate with partners (industries, knowledge institutions, academic

labs, start-ups…) that have expertise in the texture formation by and/or fermentation of vegetal raw

materials especially through the prism of nutritional values and/or sustainability