Nowadays, the center of the bio-based economy is the development of integrated value chains removing sector barriers, where market and product innovations are driven by societal needs and vision of brand owners, and require the collaborations between different sectors through new bio-based value chains (from feedstock to products), also establishing co-operations throughout industry clusters.

Open innovation has been identified as the major driver to perform innovation through the flow (in and out) of knowledge, technologies and competences, for organisations to design, plan, and implement market and product innovations as well as to establish sustainable partnerships joining forces with customers, feedstock suppliers, academia, and financial sector.

BIOPEN ambition is to become a single voice for the bio-based industries in Europe, gathering expertise and promoting engagement and involvement of industry, researchers and academia at European and national level, by setting up an Openinnovation platform addressing strategic cross-cutting challenges such as:

Services offered

Project Opportunities

In an Open Innovation context, browse qualified innovation projects’ ideas where partners search are activated by leading European organisations, and join projects of your interest for the production of your sustainable and competitive bio-based products. Ask information to BIOPEN expert on the fit between the project and your interests and competences

Funds For Innovation

Search grants for R&D in our updated database of National and European funding programs. Query the database of Grants for R&D with free keywords or specific parameters, and ask clarifications to our BIOPEN expert in Horizon2020 and in National and European funding programs.

Find Collaboration

Complete your professional profile in order to increase the visibility and to be contacted from the other members of the community to start your joint innovation project in the bio-based industries and downstream sectors. Start building your global innovation, research and development network.

Relevant information for research and technological innovation processes

Offers access to more than 50 millions patent documents worldwide, containing information about inventions and technical developments from 1985 to today; million scientific publications aggregated from a whide range of Open Access Repositories; all European funded projects for state of the art and benchmarking analysis; all the documents are provided in English.