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Collaboration opportunities

Project opportunities

Biorizon is a Shared Research Center with a focus on technology development for the production of renewable bulkaromatics (BTX) and functionalized biobased aromatics for performance materials, chemicals & coatings. Biorizon is anticipating the expected growing shortage of aromatics from the petrochemical [...]

2nd IBISBA 1.0 Open Call for Research Projects Aiming to move your research towards industrial application? Require services that your institute/university/company does not have? Need to move your innovation project forward? Then IBISBA might be able to help. You are [...]

To ensure that people can consume healthy food in an affordable and sustainable way, offering food produced from plant proteins is a must have. To fuel our growth plan, we would like to create a new snacks segment from vegetable [...]

The Final Report of Commission Expert Group on Bio-based Products shows that the access to biomass feedstock and the effectiveness of the bioprocesses represent a critical issues and obstacles to the full spread of the bioeconomy in Europe. Indeed, the [...]

The general objective is the transition to low carbon energy system: modelling a new energy system for the Cimini Mountain Comunity (northen Latium )

Globally, glaciers and the large ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland are particularly vulnerable to climate change, risking a significant future contribution to changes in sea levels. At present, there are significant uncertainties, e.g. relating to their stability, which prevent [...]

The Paris Agreement notes the importance of taking action to ensure the integrity of all ecosystems and the protection of biodiversity in the context of combatting climate change and adapting to its impacts. An improved understanding of the interactions and [...]

To develop innovative selection and screening techniques for biocatalytic systems capable of enhancing lignocellulosic biomasses and obtaining added value bio-based products.

The project idea aims at developing new enzymatic treatment to increase the extraction of lipids and/or bioactive compounds from microalgae.

The project idea intends to identify greener and cost-effective routes for the biogenic synthesis of metal nanoparticles from agro-industrial wastes. The scope is to develop an environment-friendly method to produce nanoparticles (NPs) starting from food wastes containing bioactive and anti-oxidant [...]

The project idea is based on co-culturing microalgae and horticulture in green houses. Microalgae are excellent source of fine bioactive chemicals, food additives and feed for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and chemical industry. Co-culturing in greenhouses would contribute to a sustainable development [...]

Multi-enzymatic system, free or immobilized, as a sustainable alternative to fining agents for fruit-based products.

Continuous extraction of high added value compounds from vegetable biomass through immobilization of cellulase as biocatalysts.

Production of Succinic Acid from bio-based process and highly-purified biogas from the PAD (Pressurised Anaerobic Digestion), integrating the two biological processes in a reciprocal dependency and using as valuable feedstock the fractions of municipal solid wastes (OFMSW).

Improving the alfalfa value chain employing, for the first time, the alfalfa lignocellulosic residues in two innovative processes to generate biofuel and bioplastics.

Functionalizing magnetic particles to select specific organic molecule through the non-covalent and/or ionic binding and identify peptide ligands for several valuable compounds.