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Project opportunities

To develop innovative selection and screening techniques for biocatalytic systems capable of enhancing lignocellulosic biomasses and obtaining added value bio-based products.

The project idea aims at developing new enzymatic treatment to increase the extraction of lipids and/or bioactive compounds from microalgae.

The project idea intends to identify greener and cost-effective routes for the biogenic synthesis of metal nanoparticles from agro-industrial wastes. The scope is to develop an environment-friendly method to produce nanoparticles (NPs) starting from food wastes containing bioactive and anti-oxidant [...]

The project idea is based on co-culturing microalgae and horticulture in green houses. Microalgae are excellent source of fine bioactive chemicals, food additives and feed for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and chemical industry. Co-culturing in greenhouses would contribute to a sustainable development [...]

Multi-enzymatic system, free or immobilized, as a sustainable alternative to fining agents for fruit-based products.

Continuous extraction of high added value compounds from vegetable biomass through immobilization of cellulase as biocatalysts.

Production of Succinic Acid from bio-based process and highly-purified biogas from the PAD (Pressurised Anaerobic Digestion), integrating the two biological processes in a reciprocal dependency and using as valuable feedstock the fractions of municipal solid wastes (OFMSW).

Improving the alfalfa value chain employing, for the first time, the alfalfa lignocellulosic residues in two innovative processes to generate biofuel and bioplastics.

Functionalizing magnetic particles to select specific organic molecule through the non-covalent and/or ionic binding and identify peptide ligands for several valuable compounds.

One of the major problem in the industrial process management of fruit-based products (i.e. fruit juice, beer, wine and vinegar), is the undesirable turbidity in the final product. This project aims to develop novel clarification methods of such products, alternative [...]

The project aims to the performance improvement of cellulase-based biocatalysts via enzyme immobilization technique for the extraction of high added value compounds from vegetable biomass. The enzyme immobilization is an excellent method for increasing the catalyst productivity (kg product/kg enzyme). [...]

Manufacturing of 3D parts using extrusion based freeform/ fused deposition modelling approach.  The developed extrusion system integrates a screw driven plasticization unit and a separate injection carried out by piston. This allows larger extrusion force and stable flow of extruded [...]

The scope of the project is to develop an innovative biodegradable and suitable for food contact single-dose mono-phase and bi-phase shaker for drugs with high protection against oxygen and water vapor. A biodegradable composite material of the Poly lactic acid [...]

Wood-based materials in construction is a project idea which aims at developing and deploy the technological advancements of wood-based value chains.

The “Healthy vegetable snacks” project idea wants to ensure that people can consume healthy food in an affordable and sustainable way, offering food produced from plant proteins is a must have. To ensure that people can consume healthy food in [...]

The main objective of this proposal is to provide an effective contribution towards an increased competitiveness of small and medium food processors and suppliers for local food productions, meeting at the same time the consumers’ demand of healthier, safer and [...]