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The overall goal of this topic is the demonstration of approaches or technologies to improve marine spatial planning and conservation (or even restoration) of coastal ecosystems. This topic is for the demonstration of technologies to clean the seafloor and the [...]

Proposals shall support cities and their peri-urban interface to develop and implement urban food systems policies delivering on the four FOOD 2030 priorities accompanied by the deployment of concrete actions. Innovation shall be fostered via the establishment of FOOD 2030 [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMGenetics is currently one of the important levers for efficient livestock production, not only to increase performance and productivity, but also to ensure resilience and to reduce resource use and environmental impact, to ensure health and [...]

The increasing demand for animal derived food and the mounting pressure on land and oceans is expected to push further intensification and expansion of animal production in certain regions of the world. Contagious livestock diseases impede the efficiency of animal [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMTrade and the movement of goods and people have facilitated the introduction, spread and establishment of plant pests and diseases. While new pests and diseases are likely to arise, existing ones might become more severe because [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMResearch is increasingly paying attention to the importance of interactions between the animal host and microbiota and their effects on the production efficiency, and the health and welfare of animals. These interactions are highly dynamic and [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAM Agricultural biodiversity is understood to comprise all components of biological diversity that are of relevance for food and agriculture and all components of biological diversity and that constitute agro-ecosystems. It is the result of highly [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMSoil continually undergoes development through physical, chemical and biological processes, which include both formation and degradation. Ultimately, it sustains primary production, which is directly related to land management practices and associated soil types. There are several [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAM In many African regions, agriculture is predominantly subsistence-oriented, hence most farmers lack the means to invest on improving the productivity of their exploitation activities, or to undertake basic transformation of their produce. Low productivity and [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMActivities shall fuel a European-wide network of IPM demonstration farms, which make a direct link between research and practical farm management, thereby facilitating IPM uptake and knowledge-sharing among advisors and farmers. The network should consist of [...]

Proposals shall provide solutions for accurate predictive tools and capabilities to tackle the increasingly complex array of multi-stressors and their poorly understood interactions, including their connection with rivers flowing into the Black Sea.Proposals will develop innovative multi-disciplinary research and provide new [...]

The proposals will integrate existing and new knowledge in modelling or other applied tools/methods which can be used by scientific advisory bodies in sustainable fisheries management.  Research activities shall fill in knowledge gaps which hinder an efficient, ecosystem-based approach to [...]

Proposals shall address one of the following sub-topics: A)Blue Cloud services: Activities shall develop cloud services for applications that are specific for oceans, seas and fresh water bodies and are necessary for marine ecosystems research, conservation, forecasting and innovation in [...]

The proposals shall analyse soil remediation strategies and assess sustainable use of fertilizers for agricultural production including social-economic and environmental aspects. They shall cover the evaluation of agricultural systems (e.g. organic farming, agro-ecology, agroforestry) and their suitability to achieve a [...]

A) African Farming Systems, sustainable intensification pathways (RIA): Activities shall seek to implement and test systems approaches for the sustainable intensification of primary production in Africa, taking into account its long term economic support to local communities. B) Soil system [...]

A) Understanding the genome of farmed animals, its expression and translation into traits (RIA): Research activities should generate experimental data to map out what part of farmed animal genomes are active (whether coding or regulatory), and under which circumstances, characterise the [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMGenetic resources (GenRes) play a crucial role in agricultural activities and sustainable forest management in Europe. They hold the key to the adaptation of plants and animals to a changing and more variable climate, yet their [...]

Proposals should address only one of the following sub-topics:A) Emerging challenges for soil management: Soil biodiversity assessment (RIA): Proposals shall cover soil biodiversity analysis, including relevant microbes and invertebrates for soil-mediated ecosystem services.B) Emerging challenges for soil management: use of plastic [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMPlant protection and biocidal products (both covered under the term "pesticides") are used in agriculture to secure yield and ensure food and feed safety across agricultural production and the agri-food chain. At the same time, pesticides [...]

The grant encourages the purchase, even in the form of a financial lease, of a new vehicle with zero or very low emissions, after scrapping a polluting vehicle, petrol up to Euro 2 / II included or diesel up to [...]