Innovate UK Smart Grants

Objectives & Scope

Smart Grants effectively replace the Open Programme and IUK will invest up to £20m through this competition in the best game-changing or disruptive ideas that could lead to new products, processes or services, with a clear, evidence based plan to deliver significant economic impact, return on investment (ROI) and growth through commercialisation. 

Applications can come from any area of technology, science or engineering and be applied to any sector(s) of the economy. This competition provides funding across a wide range of R&D stages, from feasibility studies (including market research), through industrial research and experimental development (up to but not including commercialisation).

Eligibility & Funding

Only UK-based organisation are eligible to apply for and receive funding in this competition.

All projects must involve at least 1 UK-based micro/small/medium enterprise (SME). Lead applicants must be a UK-based business or a Research and Technology Organisation (RTO). Project work should be carried out, and results exploited from, the UK. 

Projects with durations between 6 and 18 months can be single or collaborative and must have total eligible project costs between £25k and £500k. 

Project with durations between 19 months and 3 years must be collaborative and have total eligible project costs between £25k and £2m.

Funding rate vary depending on the stage of R&D and size of organisation.

Feasibility studies and industrial research:

  • up to 70% for a small business;
  • up to 60% for a medium-sized business;
  • up to 50% for a large business.

Experimental development:

  • up to 45% for a small business;
  • up to 35% for a medium-sized business;
  • up to 25% for a large business.

Key Dates

Competition launch: 18/02/2019

Deadline for applications: 24/04/2019

Results to applicants: 05/07/2019

Ask clarifications to our BIOPEN expert in Horizon2020 and in National and European funding programs