H2020-JTI-CS2-2019-CfP10-SYS02-60: Toward a Digital Twin ECS and thermal management architecture models : Improvement of MODELICA libraries and usage of Deep Learning technics

Clean Sky 2 is a Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) that aims to develop and mature breakthrough ‘clean technologies’ for Air Transport. Clean Sky 2 will deliver breakthrough technologies for incorporation into the next generations of aircraft from 2025 onwards. By spearheading European aeronautics research culminating in demonstrations of game-changing new vehicle configurations, Clean Sky 2 will enable the aeronautics industry to introduce innovations in timescales that would otherwise be unachievable. In so doing, it will drive environmental improvements, increase transport efficiency, and create jobs and growth for Europe.

Following results from the MALET CfP, it underlines the major challenges of modelling Environmental Control System (ECS) and thermal management architectures. A first topic is related to modelling the ECS for covering the full usage envelop, including starting and on/off phases that constitute themselves a real challenge. More specifically, the heat exchanger performances modelling in presence of moist air and refrigerant is one of the major issue for ECS modelling. A second topic is related to the capability to accurately compute electrical losses for system application without compromising the overall computational cost. From detailed developed models in the project, the usage of data analytics technologies should enable to achieve the digital twin with expected accuracy and computational costs.

Type of action: Innovation Action.

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