H2020-FNR-18-2020: Sustainability of bio-based products – international governance aspects and market update

Building on the state of the art, including past and ongoing EU-funded projects, this action will bring together global sustainability experts in bio-based innovation (focus on biobased products) to strengthen the common understanding of sustainability goals and green innovation, and to provide reliable and easy-to-use data for policymakers, consumers and endusers.

The actions will:
- address the main issues concerning the sustainable bioeconomy and its practical implementation in global value-chains;
- promote the sharing of best practice as regards corporate responsibility;
- deliver specific recommendations taking account of existing standards and the life cycle assessment (LCA) approach, enriched by specific challenges and the potential of renewable, innovative and safe bioproducts.

Budget: EUR 1.5 million.
Type of action: Coordination and Support Action.

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