H2020-LC-FNR-06-2020: Defossilising agriculture – solutions and pathways for fossil-energyfree farming

Proposals shall address only one of the following sub-topics:

- Pathways for a fossil-energy-free agriculture (CSA): This coordination and support action (CSA) shall provide a framework in which policy makers, scientists and other stakeholders can join forces to conceive and implement ambitious approaches and strategies towards a fossil-energy-free agriculture.

- Close-to-market solutions for fossil-energy-free farming
Proposals shall test cost-effective technical solutions for reducing the dependence on fossil energy sources in agriculture, and demonstrate whether renewable energy produced on-farm can be a reliable source to cover the needs of agricultural operations. Proposals shall focus on a specific on-farm practice, provided that it is common in Europe and highly dependent on fossil energy consumption. 

Budget: CSA: EUR 2 million; IA: EUR 5 million.

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