This grant is aimed at promoting cooperation between various subjects for the development and transfer of innovations through the action of the Operational Groups for innovation, with the implementation of pilot plans and plans for the development of new products, practices, processes and technologies in the agricultural sector. The Operation, in particular, encourages the operation and management of the Operational Groups (GOs) of the European Innovation Partnership (IEP) on agricultural productivity and sustainability as well as the implementation of an Innovation Plan aimed at identifying a concrete solution for farms aimed at solving a specific problem or exploiting a particular opportunity.
In particular, this public notice concerns the Focus Area 2A “Improving the economic performance of all farms and encouraging the restructuring and modernization of farms, in particular to increase market share and market orientation as well as the diversification of activities ". The Operation wants to answer a plurality of needs related to the areas and to the descending technological technological trajectories for the Agri-Food System of the Smart Specialization Strategy.

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