H2020-CE-NMBP-42-2020: Materials life cycle sustainability analysis

Proposals are expected to:

  • Develop approaches/methodologies to incorporate social and economic indicators in sustainability evaluations;
  • Develop approaches and select indicators that allow formalising connections between subsystems. Existing standard methods should be used in this project for assessing environmental impacts. As regards, social life cycle assessment it is suggested to build on the work done by the Life Cycle Initiative;
  • Develop a quantitative approach that allows assessment of the sustainability multicriteria trade-offs of circularity (cradle to cradle) dynamically in real cases. The approach needs to facilitate the incorporation of existing product LCSA harmonised approaches;
  • Develop a public demonstration of the LCSA approach, which can contribute towards effective uptake of LCSA within different sectors;
  • Work with industrial associations and clusters to engage with industry and especially SMEs but also with consumer organisations, as well as governmental and standardisation bodies;
  • Stimulate the use of existing ontologies developed under Horizon 2020.


Clustering and cooperation with other selected projects under this cross-cutting call and other relevant projects is strongly encouraged.


Activities should start at TRL 3 and achieve TRL 6 at the end of the project.;freeTextSearchKeyword=CE-NMBP-42-2020;typeCodes=0,1;statusCodes=31094501,31094502,31094503;programCode=null;programDivisionCode=null;focusAreaCode=null;crossCuttingPriorityCode=null;callCode=Default;sortQuery=openingDate;orderBy=asc;onlyTenders=false;topicListKey=topicSearchTablePageState

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