H2020-JTI-CS2-2019-CFP10-AIR02-81: Active Flow control on Tilt Rotor lifting surfaces

Clean Sky 2 is a Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) that aims to develop and mature breakthrough ‘clean technologies’ for Air Transport. Clean Sky 2 will deliver breakthrough technologies for incorporation into the next generations of aircraft from 2025 onwards. By spearheading European aeronautics research culminating in demonstrations of game-changing new vehicle configurations, Clean Sky 2 will enable the aeronautics industry to introduce innovations in timescales that would otherwise be unachievable. In so doing, it will drive environmental improvements, increase transport efficiency, and create jobs and growth for Europe.

The aim of the Topic is to investigate the application of pulsed air blowing devices with Zero Net Mass Flux (ZNMF) to control the vortical flow on the relevant lifting non-rotating surfaces (empennages, wing) on a Tilt Rotor configuration. For this application the objective is to determine the optimal flow control actuation parameters and the optimal jet positioning aimed to maximize the lifting surfaces efficiencies. The chosen configuration for this investigation is the NGCTR-TD.

Type of action: Research and Innovation Action.

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