H2020-CE-SPIRE-07-2020: Preserving fresh water: recycling industrial waters industry

Proposals should elaborate new solutions and innovative strategies to reach near-zero discharge using closed-loop systems in combination with recovery of energy and/or substances.

Strategies should take into account:

  • Better characterising the water usage and production in the industrial processes;
  • Defining recycling options with a combined water, waste and energy approach in an integrative system design method considering investment and optimal operations;
  • Future production demand through design, control options, and technologies integration that reduce water consumption, recycle water, and reduce the use of fresh water resources in closed-loop industrial processes including cascading use of different kinds of water in industrial settlements or for compatible re-use in urban and rural areas.

Proposals should develop new technologies and approaches at a large scale. It is anticipated to combine:

  • Real time smart monitoring and management systems with innovative digital solutions for sensors and actuators (e.g. modelling and artificial intelligence) and;
  • Recycling technologies such as highly selective separation or extraction processes and new solutions for water treatment to prevent fouling and corrosion.

Reprograming of water resources and optimisation of water management in industrial processes should apply the principles of waste - water - energy design in a circular context.

In order to allow the re-use of water, the recycling process and the entire loop chain should include quality control parameters linked to the process.

Clustering and cooperation with other selected projects under this cross-cutting call, and with other relevant projects, in particular those selected under SC5-04-2019.

The inclusion of a business plan and of an exploitation strategy is encouraged.


Activities should start at TRL 5 and achieve TRL 7 at the end of the project.;freeTextSearchKeyword=CE-SPIRE-07-2020;typeCodes=0,1;statusCodes=31094501,31094502,31094503;programCode=null;programDivisionCode=null;focusAreaCode=null;crossCuttingPriorityCode=null;callCode=H2020-LOW-CARBON-CIRCULAR-INDUSTRIES-2020;sortQuery=openingDate;orderBy=asc;onlyTenders=false;topicListKey=topicSearchTablePageState

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