H2020-LC-SC3-B4E-11-2020: Financing for energy efficiency investments - Smart Finance for Smart Buildings

Proposals should develop on of the following sub-topic: 

A) Mainstreaming energy efficiency finance
Proposals should address at least one of the following issues:
- Development, demonstration and promotion of frameworks for the standardisation, aggregation and benchmarking of sustainable energy investments.
- Capacity building for banks and investors at the national and local level, in particular on underwriting sustainable energy investments;
- Gathering, processing and disclosing large-scale data on actual financial performance of energy efficiency investments, in order to create a track record for energy efficiency in different sectors;
- Further integration of non-energy benefits in project valuation;
- Targeting institutional investors in order to increase the share of their funds invested in energy efficiency;
- Exploring the impact of revised risk ratings and requirements for energy efficiency on financial regulations.

B) Innovative financing schemes for energy efficiency investments: Proposals should address the development or replication and implementation of innovative financing schemes for energy efficiency investments.

Type of action: Coordination and Support Action.

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