H2020 ICT-40-2020 Cloud Computing: towards a smart cloud computing continuum CSA

Cloud computing is changing from a pure elastic provisioning of virtual resources (or platforms) to a transparent and adaptive hosting environment that fully realizes the “everything as a service” provisioning concept, from centralised cloud to the edge, and from network and computing infrastructure up to the application layers.
The challenge is to develop comprehensive cloud solutions and testbeds combining various execution platforms for ubiquitous and seamless execution computing environments as a foundation for a complete computing continuum. This requires novel solutions for federating infrastructures, programming applications and services, and composing dynamic workflows, which are capable of reacting in real-time to unpredictable data sizes, availability, locations, and rates. This will provide application developers with greater control over network, computing and data infrastructures and services, and the end-user will benefit from seamless access to continuous service environments. Such solutions should also address security, semantic interoperability, heterogeneous data integration, organisation and linking, data protection, performance, resilience and energy-efficiency requirements to respond to the future digitisation needs of industry and the public sector. Addressing these challenges will also be part of and contribute to the technological ambitions of the Next Generation Internet (NGI).

Coordination and Support Actions (CSA)

Proposals in this action will address the following:

  • Coordinate stakeholders in Cloud Computing and act as support to R&D programmes/activities by disseminating project results and organising scientific and policy events, developing research and innovation roadmaps, and addressing pre-standardisation initiatives.

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