Funds for innovation

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Proposals should set up national roundtables focused on energy efficiency investment, as permanent multilateral discussion forums gathering the relevant stakeholders, including but not limited to government, local and regional authorities, financial sector, ESCOs, homeowners, industry sector, construction sector and SME [...]

The Region intends to promote access to credit for development of self-employment, professional and freelance activities. In particular, it intends to finance micro-activities operating on the regional territory, which by their nature appear to have big difficulty in accessing credit, [...]

The objective of the grant is to give continuity to the path undertaken by the Lombardy Region, proposing to improve access to credit for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and freelancers operating in Lombardy through the Confidi in terms [...]

The Intervention Line FRIM FESR 2020 (RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT) promotes investments in research and development aimed at innovation by SMEs, including new ones, able to guarantee positive effects on the Lombardy competitive and territorial system, in continuity with the R&D [...]

Smart & Start Italia supports the creation and growth of high-tech innovative startups to stimulate a new entrepreneurial culture linked to the digital economy, to enhance the results of scientific and technological research and to encourage the return of «brains» [...]

Publication targets are to relaunch entrepreneurship activities, to keep occupational levels, to sustain investment programs in Tuscany region municipalities territory. What is promoted is realization of enterprises initiatives, in the territories of mentioned municipalities (Piombino, Campiglia Marittima, San Vincenzo, Suvereto) [...]

The objective of the funding is to promote the internationalization of Lombardia’s  small and medium companies, supporting complex internationalitazion projects by integrated programs to develop and improve their presence and action in foreign markets.

The prize intends to highlight the potential of renewables for decentralized energy grids by addressing energy needs for electricity, heating, cooling and transport. The title is inspired by RES (short for Renewables) and "responsible" to highlight the citizen in the [...]

“Credito Adesso” is an important grant to answer the requested of capital for expanding industries in Lombardia’s area through a soft loan without guarantee and a interest subsidy. These companies must have max 3.000 employees. 

The grant is an instrument requested from the situation of cooperative companies in Lombardia and it’s an important growth and development point. The grant sustains the competiveness and the creation of Lombardia’s cooperative companies, as well social cooperatives and social [...]

Grant target is to develop venture capital offer in Lazio region for risk capital investment in startup and Small and Medium Companies, localized or going to be localized in Lazio region, with leverage effect on private capital coinvestment, also through [...]

Aim of the publication is funding for different kind of actions, in order to improve energy efficiency in companies buildings: infrastructure thermal insulation, doors and windows replacement, heating system replacement with condensing or heat pump high efficiency boilers, solar panels [...]

SPECIFIC CHALLENGE: CCUS in industrial applications faces significant challenges due to its high cost and the fierce international competition in the sectors concerned. However, these sectors currently account for 20% of global CO2 emissions, and in the 2 degree scenario, [...]

SPECIFIC CHALLENGESThe Apulia Region aims at funding local enterprises which need to buy qualified services, improve the supply of services during their life cycle and support services that help MSMEs to get in touch with know how and technologies in [...]

Publication targets are to relaunch entrepreneurship activities, to keep occupational levels, to sustain investment programs in Tuscany region municipalities territory, who are recognized as industrial crisis areas. What is promoted is realization of enterprises initiatives, in the territories of mentioned [...]

OBJECTIVE OF THE CALLThe overall objective is to suppot innovation investiment to purchase advanced and qualified services involved in the syllabus addressed to Tuscan enterprises. According to the Research and innovation strategy " Smart specialization no spacialisationin Tuscany" innovation projects  [...]

Tuscany region, with present publication, intends to activate financial instruments in the shape of zero interest loans, in order to allow Small and Medium enterprise, in the industrial sector, as well in touristic, commercial, cultural and service sectors, to sustain [...]

The call finances vouchers for consultancy, support and technical assistance to take part and submit projects in the framework of European Funding in the following sectors: Home automation, Mechatronics, sustainable manufacturing, health and well-being and ICT applyied to those fields.

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMME The HPC FET Proactive initiative aims to create a world-class European HPC ecosystem, by developing leading-class technology and solutions towards exascale performance for ambitious scientific/engineering applications and services. By benefiting from the convergence of HPC, [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMME The challenge is to build a fully functional, bench-scale prototype of an artificial photosynthesis based system which is able to produce a useable synthetic fuel. Artificial photosynthesis is widely considered to be among the most [...]