Funds for innovation

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SPECIFIC CHALLENGES:With a growing share of energy produced from renewable resources (RES), fossil fuel power plants will have to increasingly shift their role from providing base-load power to providing fluctuating back-up power (i.e. ramping up and down) in order to [...]

The call aims at fostering the competitiveness of the Italian production system by facilitating access to credit for SMEs. The call focuses on the purchase of machineries, plants and equipment and the financial support is in the form of interest [...]

SPECIFIC CHALLENGESThe Apulia Region aims at funding local enterprises which need to buy qualified services, improve the supply of services during their life cycle and support services that help MSMEs to get in touch with know how and technologies in [...]

2016 economic planning document (Legge di Stabilità) issued, in the period from Jan 1st 2016 until Dec 31st 2019, tax incentive for new productive plants located in southern Italy regions, for expenses in new instrumental goods.

Publication targets are to relaunch entrepreneurship activities, to keep occupational levels, to sustain investment programs in Tuscany region municipalities territory, who are recognized as industrial crisis areas. What is promoted is realization of enterprises initiatives, in the territories of mentioned [...]

Publication for vehicles replacement. Regione Lombardia and Sistema camerale Lombardo issued Rinnova Veicoli publication, in order to sustain Small and Medium Companies to dispose old commercial gas engine vehicles, included in Euro 0/1 categories and diesel engine commercial vehicles inside [...]

OBJECTIVE OF THE CALLThe overall objective is to suppot innovation investiment to purchase advanced and qualified services involved in the syllabus addressed to Tuscan enterprises. According to the Research and innovation strategy " Smart specialization no spacialisationin Tuscany" innovation projects  [...]

With present publication Toscan can give capital subsidies, also as vouchers. Investment in subject have to be realized from companies located inside Toscana territory, and it consists in acquiring services from section C "Catalogo dei Servizi avanzati e qualificati per [...]

Tuscany region, with present publication, intends to activate financial instruments in the shape of zero interest loans, in order to allow Small and Medium enterprise, in the industrial sector, as well in touristic, commercial, cultural and service sectors, to sustain [...]

OBJECTIVE OF THE CALLThe main objectives are addressed to : Support partnership among companies and research organizations through the activation of research contracts for industrial doctorates, fixed-term researchers, research grants; Use of testing and testing laboratories and technological demonstrators in [...]

The Sicily Region intends to provide financial support to those SMEs who poarticipated in the SME- Instrument grant scheme (Phase 1 o Phase 2) obtaining the "Seal of Excellence", the high-quality label awarded to projects submitted which were deemed to [...]

The call finances vouchers for consultancy, support and technical assistance to take part and submit projects in the framework of European Funding in the following sectors: Home automation, Mechatronics, sustainable manufacturing, health and well-being and ICT applyied to those fields.

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMME The HPC FET Proactive initiative aims to create a world-class European HPC ecosystem, by developing leading-class technology and solutions towards exascale performance for ambitious scientific/engineering applications and services. By benefiting from the convergence of HPC, [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMME The challenge is to build a fully functional, bench-scale prototype of an artificial photosynthesis based system which is able to produce a useable synthetic fuel. Artificial photosynthesis is widely considered to be among the most [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMMEInnovation is fostered when new ideas can emerge and easily translate into socio-economic value, shaping new markets and laying the foundations of a stronger, high-tech industrial base for Europe.Working together, partners with complementary backgrounds, knowledge and [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMME AND ACTIVITIES FUNDED The SME instrument is targeted at all types of innovative SMEs showing a strong ambition to develop, grow and internationalise. It provides staged support covering the whole innovation cycle in three phases [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMME AND ACTIVITIES FUNDED The SME instrument is targeted at all types of innovative SMEs showing a strong ambition to develop, grow and internationalise. It provides staged support covering the whole innovation cycle in three phases [...]

The call aims at promoting the development of Research, Development and Innovation projects by signing agreements between the Ministry and companies and/or research center in order to foster the national economic development. Regions and Autonomous Province may contribute with additional financial [...]

The call finences investments such as equipments, external consultancy and plants by Small and Medium Enterprises based in Lombardy Region.

Marche Region is granting financial aid for Seal of Excellence holders from Phase 2 of the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument whose proposal focuses on the following areas: Smart living, mechatronics, green manufacturing, health.