Funds for innovation

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The call aims at supporting the set up and the strengthening of innovative start-ups and spin offs in order to foster industrial competiveness in the Region.

The call finences investments such as equipments, external consultancy and plants by Small and Medium Enterprises based in Lombardy Region.

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMME Health impacts due to air quality issues in European cities need to be addressed in the long term along with the decarbonisation of transport. Current engines are certified on test stands, both for noxious emissions, [...]

OBJECTIVE OF THE PRIZEPreventing dangerous climate change is a key priority for the European Union (EU). The EU is committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020 and by 40% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. Europe [...]

Objectives of the funding programmeThe integration and use of renewable energy in buildings for heat and power generation still encounter unsolved technological problems linked to the security and reliability of energy supply and related costs. Partly, it is due the [...]

Objectives and ScopeThis competitions aims to fund innovative solutions to healthcare challenges faced by the UK – a need to provide for a growing, ageing population that has an increasing burden of disease, rising healthcare costs and doubts over the [...]

Marche Region is granting financial aid for Seal of Excellence holders from Phase 2 of the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument whose proposal focuses on the following areas: Smart living, mechatronics, green manufacturing, health.

The call aims at supporting investments projects carried out by SMEs and aimed at improving their industrial processes, energy efficiency and competitiveness.

The call supports MSMEs to take part and submit projects in the framework of the European Funding Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 by financing expenses for consultancy services, support and technical assistance in preparing project proposals.

The call supports PMI and Mid Caps’ innovation projects by means of soft loans. The call is divided into two strands: Product innovation Process innovation

The call aims at supporting manufacturing SMEs by financing qualified services for their innovation projects conducted in Tuscany. The project proposals should focus on the following domains: ICT and Photonics, Smart Manifacturing, Chemistry and Nanotechnologies.

This measure provides support for SME’s located in Brussels that invest in: a new establishment or the expansion of an existing establishment; the diversification of production to new product markets; a fundamental change in the production process. Depending on the [...]

This grant scheme used to be controlled by the former agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT), which, on January 1st 2016, merged with the agency for entrepreneurship (Agentschap Ondernemen) to form a new agency: Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship. [...]

The Strategic Ecology Support is an incentive to realise a “strategic green transformation“ of an entreprise via capital investments in non-standarized green high-end technology. Support up to 1 million euro (per enterprise) is possible.

The Strategic Transformation Support is a Flemish funding scheme that cofinances a strategic transformation of an entreprise, realized via capital investments and/or trainings, in order to strengthen economic activities and anchor employment in Flanders. Focus on: Investments in strategic leadplants [...]

The Walloon government wants to support companies that perform investments in Wallonia that are aimed at protecting the environment or result in a sustainable use of energy. The support involves a premium (up to 10-50% of the eligeble costs) and [...]

The Walloon government wants to support investments that contribute to sustainable development in Wallonia in terms of job creation. Depending on the size of the enterprise, the location where the investment takes place, the amount of jobs created and the [...]

This measure is aimed at stimulating R&D in Wallonia. Enterprises situated in the Walloon region can obtain a grant when performing industrial research or experimental development projects. Depending on the size of the enterprise, the type of project and potential [...]

When a company invests in a specific region within Belgium (typically regions that have been faced with a lot of collective redundancies), the company can get a reduction of 25% on the income tax on wages during two years for [...]

The innovation tax credit is reserved for SMEs. These can benefit from a tax credit of 20% of expenditures for the design and / or construction of prototypes or pilot plants of a new product within the meaning of the [...]