Funds for innovation

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The innovation tax credit is reserved for SMEs. These can benefit from a tax credit of 20% of expenditures for the design and / or construction of prototypes or pilot plants of a new product within the meaning of the [...]

The call aims at supporting the development of SMEs in the creative, tourism and manufacturing sectors located in less developed regions of Italy (Campania, Apulia, Basilicata and Calabria).

The call intends to support investment programmes carried out by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The proposals need to focus on innovations in the manufacturing process, by adapting it to new production needs and by making it more resource- [...]

The call intends to strengthen competitiveness and innovation in Puglia Region by supporting large industries or consortia involving large industries and SMEs.  

The call intends to support Medium Enterprises’ investments in developing new or existing production units, production diversification and changes in productive processes.

The call intends to support Small Enterprises’ investments in developing new or existing production units, production diversification and changes in productive processes.

The call finances activities of consultancy, support and technical assistance to take part and submit projects in the framework of European (Horizon 2020, COSME and Life 2014-2020) and Regional Funding Programmes.

The call intends to support MSMEs in carrying out Research & Development activities. Projects should focus on: Space, agri-food, eco-industry, cultural and creative industry, health, advanced manufacturing, sustainable mobility.

Italian Governement introduced a 25% tax credit for companies that are incurring R&D expenses from 31 December 2014 to 31 December 2019.

Tha call aims at supporting innovative startups, as well as fostering sustainable growth, entrepreneurship, youth employment and the development of an ecosystem favourable to innovation in Italy

SME vouchers for innovation management consultancy The German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs acknowledged PNO Consultants GmbH as Consultancy Agency for Innovation Management Services. SMEs with not more than 100 employees and max. 20 Mio. € annual turnover may receive Innovation Vouchers [...]

The Region Apulia promotes financial support for the enterprises to develop the employment, the social stability and teh economic dynamism.

The scheme promotes the realisation of  investment of significant size (development programs) for the strengthening of the productive structure of the country. The investments will must refer in one of the following areas: Industrial, Enviromental Protection and Tourism;- .

Unique interministerial Fund of the competitiveness clusters (FUI) is targeted to sustain applied research, to contribute to new goods and services development. The aim is to market new product in short term. FUI is meant to fund collaborative R&D projects. [...]

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)   Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) is the Uk’s leading programme helping businesses to improve their competitiveness, productivity and performance through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK knowledge base.   [...]

Objective of the scheme Support to collaborative projects of Small- and Medium Sized Companies (SMEs, less than 250 employees). Priority is given to cutting-edge research in the following technology sectors (as part of the High-Tech Strategy 2020): -      Information and [...]

Research Tax Credit is the main French innovation and R & D support scheme for French companies.   The French tax credit consists of :   ·         A tax credit of 30% of expenses on research and development up to [...]

The SBRI programme enables businesses to bid for technology-based public sector development contracts. Through SBRI competitions, businesses are invited to develop innovative solutions and products for specified problems and unmet needs in the public sector.   SBRI enables government departments and [...]

The ministry of Economical Affairs has a program to stimulate companies with promising projects. The program focuses on risky and innovative projects which are important for the longterm strategy of the company. Type of Funding: credit

Helping companies that lead innovation projects with industrial research and / or experimental development: to develop products, processes or innovative services with concrete prospects for industrialization and / or marketing, to finance their participation in national or European technology partnerships [...]