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The objective is to upscale the production of bio-based platform molecules in sufficient quantities and at sufficient quality to promote their larger application in new and existing markets. Proposals must focus on applications with added value that is greater than the added [...]

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology is mainly considered for stationary applications. One of its main advantages is that it can be easily fed by different fuels. Currently, the reference fuel is natural gas and this reduces significantly the amount [...]

High temperature Solid Oxide Electrolysers (SOE) are the most promising solution for efficient and cost-effective hydrogen production and storage/re-use of intermittent electricity from renewable sources. The integration of SOE stacks with balance of plant components proved the successful use of [...]

According to the analysis of CertifHy [51], EU´s demand for hydrogen in 2030 will reach 10 million tonnes, of which 17.3 % should be produced by renewable sources to fulfil the goals for the energy transition. The previous  project SOPHIA [...]

The challenge is to create an EU industrial renewable energy sector which is economically sustainable and competitive in European and global markets in the long-term. For this purpose, this area supports activities across the full innovation chain, from identifying breakthrough [...]

Proposals will aim at international cooperation with Canada for fostering the deployment of advanced biofuels and bioenergy while substantially decreasing the costs of the feedstock supply or the conversion process.Type of action: Research and Innovation Action.

Proposals will aim at international cooperation with Japan involving Japanese organizations in the consortia for the development of disruptive catalytic technologies, by developing novel catalysts and linked lab-scale components/systems with significantly improved performance for conversion efficiency and specific marginal cost [...]

The challenge is to demonstrate innovative solutions targeting unexploited small-scale hydropower potential in Central Asia that will contribute to solve the particular cross-border water and energy management challenges in the region. Type of action: Innovation Action.

Proposals shall support the demonstration of efficient solutions that couple the thermal cycle of a CSP plant to a water desalination system. Type of action: Innovation Action.

Proposals are expected to bring solutions for the development and validation of an innovative hydrogen 70 MPa tank system in a conformable shape that can be integrated in light-duty vehicles with flat architectures, unsuitable for conventional cylindrical Type IV (Composite [...]

The overall objective of the BBU JU is to implement a programme of research and innovation activities in Europe that will assess the availability of renewable biological resources that can be used for the production of bio-based materials, and on [...]

The ambition of the FCH 2 JU is to develop clean, efficient and affordable solutions that fully demonstrate the potential of hydrogen as an energy carrier and of fuel cells as energy convertor. The provision of clean, efficient and affordable [...]

Previous research initiatives, such as HyTechCycling project have identified the current absence of viable and up-scalable recycling technologies for fuel cells products as a possible bottleneck to future mass deployment of the technology. The recovery and reuse of these and [...]

The path towards a well-established hydrogen economy requires the deployment of sustainable FCH systems. Moreover, such an economy should contribute to the circularity concept. Furthermore, considering that the transition to such an economy will require significant investments, it is important [...]

In April 2018, the International Maritime Organisation, IMO adopted an initial strategy on reduction of GHG emissions from ships (overall fleet target ≥50% CO2 reduction by 2050 compared to 2008). Alternative fuels and FC technologies can help meet these environmental [...]

The development of a widely available hydrogen vehicle refuelling infrastructure across EU will need hydrogen to be able to be dispensed in a straight-forward manner alongside other conventional and alternative fuels.  Currently the approach taken to co-location of hydrogen and [...]

Green hydrogen is crucial to meet the CO2 reduction objectives of the industry (e.g. e-chemicals etc.) and in the transportation sector (e.g. fuel cell cars, e-fuels). In this context, the demand of high-quality hydrogen regarding dryness, purity and pressure is [...]

Islands and island regions are confronted with a number of energy challenges due to their specific geographic and climatic conditions. In addition, islands’ economy is often largely based on tourism, which results in unbalanced seasonal energy demand, which puts a [...]

Spinto dalla grande tendenza della digitalizzazione e dall'Internet delle cose, il mercato richiede sempre più alta affidabilità, alimentazione continua (potenza primaria) per i data center. Si prevede che nei prossimi anni i data center utilizzeranno fino al 4% del consumo [...]

Al fine di combattere i cambiamenti climatici, la necessità di ridurre le emissioni di gas a effetto serra costringerà l'industria chimica a trovare percorsi alternativi alle fonti convenzionali di carbonio fossile.Questo argomento richiede lo sviluppo, la produzione, la messa in [...]