Funds for innovation

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Proposals are expected to improve traditional LCA/LCCA towards more ambitious energy saving. Proposals will address all of the following aspects: Combination of ICT, such as digital twin, big data analysis, internet of things, cloud technologies and artificial intelligence, leading to [...]

The proposal should focus on new assembly technologies, such as additive manufacturing, especially for products, that contain micro-parts and which are assembled manually for most of the part because of technical limitations. For this purpose, proposals should cover at least [...]

With this Grant, the Managing Authority (MA) of the Interreg V-A Italy-Switzerland 2014-2020 Cooperation Program announces the opening of the second Notice for the presentation of projects, valid for three of the five Axes of the Program:• Axis 3: Integrated [...]

The challenge of this call is to create an EU industrial renewable energy sector which is economically sustainable and competitive in European and global markets in the long-term.Proposals will aim to develop solutions to support the worldwide large-scale deployment of [...]

The challenge is to realistically engineer microorganisms that use synthetic networks to expand the portfolio of molecules that are currently known to be detected by natural systems, and perfect the networks for improved performance in given industrial settings.The aim is [...]

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the Catalan Agency for Competitiveness of the Catalan Ministry of Industry (ACCIÓ) will provide access to public funding for joint projects provided for Germany by the BMWi’s ZIM programme [...]

SCOPE: The call aims at reviving and boosting the productive system of the Complex crisis area in the Savonese.ADMISSIBLE PROJECTS: All projects performed in the area (Cairo Montenotte, Vado Ligure, Quiliano and Villanova d'Albenga). It is required a minimum investment [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMThe security of feedstock supply is essential for the large-scale production of advanced biofuels which is a prerequisite for improving their competitiveness. The specific challenge is to increase the reliability of processes through diversifying and securing [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMTo accurately predict and measure the contribution of PV systems (including floating PV) to the power network, and to increase their lifetime, reliability and profitability, it is necessary to establish accurate operation (and fault diagnostic) models [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAM The first commercial-scale floating wind farm has recently come into operation and other floating wind farms initiatives are ongoing. Floating wind farms have significant potential but further efforts are needed to drive the costs down [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAM Several research and innovation activities are set out in the SET Plan's Implementation Plan for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)113 to reduce the cost and increase performance and reliability of CSP plants. Promising innovative solutions that [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAM Since the adoption of RES Directive in 2009, most Member States have experienced significant growth in renewable energy production and consumption, and both the EU and a large majority of Member States are on track [...]

The objective is to bring radical improvements to the quality and energy performance of existing public buildings by encouraging the development and validation of breakthrough solutions through Pre-Commercial Procurement. Support will be given for developing novel components and configurations to [...]

The proposal will establish a long term partnership through the implementations of a series of strategic and joint research and innovation actions, and their related research capacity building actions, whose development has been conceptualized and whose essential elements have been [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAM The rapid expansion of photovoltaic solar energy conversion based on thin films of semiconductors could become subject to constraints arising from materials availability and security. For this reason, the development of alternative thin-film technologies based [...]

Integrated innovative solutions for Positive Energy Blocks/Districts will be developed and tested and performance-monitored in the Lighthouse Cities. Proposals should: Focus on mixed use urban districts and positively contribute to the overall city goals; Develop solutions that can be replicated/gradually [...]

Proposals will demonstrate novel concepts and solutions aimed at developing effective solutions for the take-up of biokerosene and other relevant alternative fuels by aviation. The actions should be designed towards ensuring a strong demonstration component involving an exchange of best [...]

Proposals will develop and demonstrate solutions which analyze and combine, in a well delimited system, all the energy vectors that are present and interconnect them, where appropriate, to optimize their joint operation that is demonstrated by an increased share of [...]

Proposals will demonstrate a solution or solutions on one island that is over 90% reliant on fossil fuels for generating its electricity. The solution or solutions should significantly reduce the annual fossil fuel demand and related GHG emissions thereby demonstrating [...]

Proposals will address solutions for the design, modelling, simulation, development, demonstration, test and validation of new DC-based grid architecture(s) including a MV - LV DC - AC/DC hybrid grid architecture based on a DC underlay grid interconnecting micro/nano-grids. In addition [...]