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The focus is on one project that demonstrates the setting-up of markets and digital platforms where electricity TSOs and DSOs can procure grid services from suppliers, aggregators and possibly individual consumers.The focus is also on demonstrating how suppliers, aggregators and [...]

The proposed solutions will contribute to high levels of local renewable energy and a very significant reduction of the use of fossil fuel-based energies (ideally achieving full decarbonization for the whole island), covering also: Improve integration and use of digitalized [...]

The fast growth of energy production from renewable energy sources offers new and economically attractive opportunities for decarbonizing local energy systems (e.g. isolated villages, small cities, urban districts, rural areas with weak or non-existing grid connections).Proposals will develop and demonstrate [...]

Proposals will develop and test novel solutions and tools for demand response and energy services, using real consumption data and feedback from the testing of services with the objective to improve predictability of consumption and consumer behaviour. The main focus [...]

SCOPE: Boosting the industrial recovery and the riqualification of the productive system in Ventimiglia areaADMISSIBLE PROJECTS: All investment plans started on or after July, 1st 2018 and not concluded yetBENEFICIARIES: MSMEs, even associated in Cooperatives or Consortia. Please read the [...]

a) Modelling multiple non-energy impacts:Actions are required to explain the transition of energy efficiency from a "hidden fuel" to the "first fuel" and make the value of the externalities triggered by energy efficiency investments more visible across a variety of [...]

Proposals should set up national roundtables focused on energy efficiency investment, as permanent multilateral discussion forums gathering the relevant stakeholders, including but not limited to government, local and regional authorities, financial sector, ESCOs, homeowners, industry sector, construction sector and SME [...]

Proposals should develop and demonstrate cost-effective technological solutions for the self-assessment of actual energy performance of buildings and the products which use energy in buildings. Such solutions would rely on collection of real-time data from the products installed and used [...]

The proposals should focus on facilitating the flow and exchange of information between EU-funded projects in the field of smart buildings and the related business, policy and media, e.g.: Map out the European smart buildings innovation community, e.g. main innovators, [...]

OBJECTIVE OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMIn the Energy Union Strategy, Energy Efficiency was recognised as a resource in its own right which should be enabled to compete on equal terms with generation capacity and to have primary consideration across all policies. [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMThere is a need to set up innovative financing schemes at regional or national level in order to create the conditions for adequate supply of private finance for energy efficiency investments. Innovative financing schemes for energy [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMThe Energy Efficiency Directive requires Member States to develop programmes encouraging SMEs to undergo energy audits and to implement the recommended energy-saving measures. SMEs represent enormous energy saving potential. However, the lack of expertise, time and [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAM Many project promoters – public authorities, individuals or businesses – lack the skills and capacity to set up, implement and finance ambitious low-energy and clean energy building projects. In addition, many project developers still face [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMThe delivery of the Energy Union targets requires the full engagement of the public sector at all governance levels. Local and regional public authorities have a crucial role in setting ambitious energy efficiency strategies, for instance [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMInvestors and lenders need to gain more confidence on investment projects related to energy efficiency which are still seen as risky and fragmented. EU added value can be realised in particular where projects introduce innovation to [...]

The challenge is to apply a new heating and domestic hot water preparation systems and demonstrate their real performance in existing multi-apartment residential buildings with insulated walls and energy-efficient windows.Proposals should:- prepare service and repair manuals to support system assembly [...]

The challenge is to establish and implement an ambitious vision for the future of data collection on buildings in Europe, enabled by a large and lasting community of data providers and stakeholders across Europe, and promoting cutting-edge technologies for data [...]

Actions should focus on developing and demonstrating large-scale pilot test-beds for big data application in buildings.Proposals should:1) define a reference architecture for buildings data: the reference architecture should ensure compatibility with existing dataset formats across Europe, allow integration with legacy architectures, [...]

Proposals should investigate innovative design concepts and advanced ICT solutions for integrated design of server rooms and small data centres in buildings, covering as many as possible of the following areas: Optimal energy performance of the proposed design concepts, Innovative [...]

Projects are expected to increase the depth and breadth of renovations, while integrating clean energy technologies into the building envelop and/or systems.Proposals are expected, as a minimum, to include the following activities: Demonstrate deep and/or NZEB renovation approaches more reliable, [...]