Funds for innovation

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The grant aims to support organic investment programs of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MPMI) aimed at introducing innovations in the production process to radically transform it in order to adapt it to the production of new products, diversify production [...]

The incentive is recognized for the purchase of specialized services aimed at the registration of European brands and international brandsThe beneficiaries can be micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.Grant applications must be submitted to Unioncamere from March 30, 2020 and until [...]

The incentive is recognized for the purchase of specialized services aimed at the enhancement of single or multiple designs and models registered starting from 1 January 2018.The beneficiaries can be micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.Grant applications must be submitted to [...]

The MISE and INVITALIA with this grant have implemented a subsidized intervention in favor of micro, small and medium enterprises for the economic valorization of patents, called Brevetti +.The objective of the call is to encourage the development of a [...]

Activities funded through the joint calls should focus on a circular, resource efficient and low carbon integrated system perspective. The joint calls should include the following three formats, which should be interlinked and integrated to achieve highest impact: Applied research, [...]

Projects will demonstrate innovative hydropower equipment exploiting unexplored small-scale hydropower potential in Central Asia up to 10 MW installed capacity by means of sustainable and cost-effective small-scale hydropower solutions. The demonstration activities shall take place in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, the [...]

Support will be given to demonstrate efficient solutions that couple the thermal cycle of a CSP plant to a water desalination system. The proposals are expected to bring technologies to TRL 6 at the end of the project activities.

The focus of submitted proposals should be on the direct stimulation of demand for energy skills in construction. Adequate consideration should also be given to the multiple benefits of energy efficiency, to improved appreciation of the end user's needs including [...]

Actions should take up and advance smart energy services concepts which have evolved in the market. Proposals should demonstrate that they gather and help converge innovative, successfully tested service elements which are well adapted to the needs of the market [...]

Proposals will aim at international cooperation with the USA and/or China and the ranking of the successful proposals will ensure that a balanced portfolio of activities is covering both cooperation with USA and China. The proposals will develop breakthrough artificial [...]

Proposals will aim at international cooperation with Canada for fostering the deployment of advanced biofuels and bioenergy while substantially decreasing the costs of the feedstock supply or the conversion process. Proposals should address at least one of the following issues: [...]

Proposals will aim at international cooperation with Japan involving Japanese organisations in the consortia for the development of disruptive catalytic technologies, by developing novel catalysts and linked lab-scale components/systems with significantly improved performance for conversion efficiency and specific marginal cost [...]

The objective is to carry out the identification and geological characterisation of new prospective storage sites for CO2 (including the 3D architecture of the storage complex) in promising regions of future demonstration and deployment (onshore or offshore) through the implementation [...]

The aim of this call is to build up a new "European Energy & Climate Modelling Forum" that will care for structure and manage joint model benchmarking and comparison exercises on the EU energy system, climate mitigation and its regional [...]

Proposals are expected to have their main focus in only one of the following subtopics: A) New techniques for creating and using dynamic models of environmental evolution: The focus is on a better understanding of the interplay dynamics of natural and [...]

Proposals should be focused to: supporting local and regional public authorities. One or more of the following bullet points should be considered: Enhance decision-making processes of regional and local authorities, to deliver a higher quality, coherence and consistency of energy [...]

European households continue to spend an increasing share of income on energy, leading to higher rates of energy poverty and negatively affecting living conditions and health. Recent estimates suggest that more than 50 million Europeans are affected by energy poverty. [...]

Proposals are expected to: Identify and address regulatory barriers and contractual conditions with utilities, suppliers, grid operators, technology providers etc. for cooperative actions, possibly linking activities with structural solutions involving public authorities; Demonstrate that collectively organised energy-related actions are financially [...]

In order to further stimulate and enable the roll-out of next-generation of energy performance assessment and certification, proposals should involve relevant stakeholders to take on board the lessons learnt and the innovative approaches demonstrated in the previous projects as well [...]

Proposals should develop and demonstrate cost-effective low-carbon technological solutions to manage energy within existing buildings and interact with the grid providing energy efficiency, flexibility, generation and storage, based on user preferences and requests. These solutions should be aimed to upgrade [...]