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The increasing demand for animal derived food and the mounting pressure on land and oceans is expected to push further intensification and expansion of animal production in certain regions of the world. Contagious livestock diseases impede the efficiency of animal [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMTrade and the movement of goods and people have facilitated the introduction, spread and establishment of plant pests and diseases. While new pests and diseases are likely to arise, existing ones might become more severe because [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMResearch is increasingly paying attention to the importance of interactions between the animal host and microbiota and their effects on the production efficiency, and the health and welfare of animals. These interactions are highly dynamic and [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAM Agricultural biodiversity is understood to comprise all components of biological diversity that are of relevance for food and agriculture and all components of biological diversity and that constitute agro-ecosystems. It is the result of highly [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAMSoil continually undergoes development through physical, chemical and biological processes, which include both formation and degradation. Ultimately, it sustains primary production, which is directly related to land management practices and associated soil types. There are several [...]

OBJECTIVES OF THE FUNDING PROGRAM In many African regions, agriculture is predominantly subsistence-oriented, hence most farmers lack the means to invest on improving the productivity of their exploitation activities, or to undertake basic transformation of their produce. Low productivity and [...]

The grant encourages the purchase, even in the form of a financial lease, of a new vehicle with zero or very low emissions, after scrapping a polluting vehicle, petrol up to Euro 2 / II included or diesel up to [...]

The Lazio Region has outlined a diversified strategy to multiply the number and value of investments in venture capital of start-ups and innovative companies in Lazio with a high potential for growth also on international markets.These companies, which are expected [...]

Proposals will aim at international cooperation with the USA and/or China on targeted research activities for obtaining advanced biofuels and alternative renewable fuels for energy and transport through photochemical/ photobiological or electrochemical reaction. The proposals will develop breakthrough artificial photosynthesis [...]

Proposals shall provide Project Development Assistance (PDA) to a pilot group made up of at least 5 European cities (and/or clusters of cities), spread throughout Europe, to build their technical, economic and legal expertise needed for leading to concrete investments [...]

The scope of the project is to integrate the results obtained under previous projects ((I-Therm (680599), sCO2-flex (764690), sCO2-HeRo (662116), TASIO (637189)) and contribute to the development of a waste heat-to-power conversion system using one type of fluid (supercritical CO2 [...]

Projects are expected to focus on integrating CO2 capture in industrial installations, whilst addressing the full CCUS chain including aspects of technical, safety and strategic nature. In line with the strategy for EU international cooperation in research and innovation (COM [...]

The Calabria Region aims to increase and qualify the export quota of products and services of regional companies on foreign markets, favoring the opening up of the Calabrian production system.

In order to support the economic enhancement of innovation through experimentation and the adoption of innovative solutions, this grant governs the procedures for granting subsidies in favor of industrial research projects and experimental development in the application sectors of the [...]

The National Energy Efficiency Fund - FNEE is an incentive that supports the implementation of interventions aimed at ensuring the achievement of national energy efficiency targets.The Fund has a revolving nature and is divided into two sections that operate by: [...]

Resto al Sud supports the creation of new businesses promoted by young people in the regions of Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily.It is promoted by the Minister for Territorial Cohesion and the South.Invitalia is the manager [...]

The RISE scheme promotes international and cross-sector collaboration through exchanging research and innovation staff, and sharing knowledge and ideas from research to market (and vice-versa). The scheme fosters a shared culture of research and innovation that welcomes and rewards creativity [...]

The objective of the call is to sustain, through the provision of financial support and a non-repayable grant, investment programs of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MPMI) aimed at planning, starting and consolidating paths of internationalization and increased competitiveness on [...]

The objective of this Call is to re-launch economic activity in an urban free zone in the municipalities hit by the earthquake.

The purpose of this call is to lay the foundations for tomorrow’s industry in Europe, and to create jobs and growth through an innovation ecosystem for the design, development, testing, and upscaling of advanced materials and nanotechnologies. This should enable [...]