Funds for innovation

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This grant provides support to regional businesses through the provision of services for the assessment of needs and innovative potential, the transfer of information on innovations relevant to the competitive potential of companies, for information and technical support for the [...]

The Lazio Region, through this grant, aims to support internationalization interventions to promote access to foreign markets by regional SMEs.

This grant is aimed at Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises that want to access the "Investment Attraction" Fund. The measure intends to promote, through financial support, the revival of the propensity to invest in the production system, through the attraction [...]

The measure aims to encourage the arrival and development of foreign direct investment in Piedmont Region.

The Fund target is to support organic investment programs of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MPMI) aimed at introducing innovations in the production process, to radically transform it in order to adapt it to the production of new products, diversifying [...]

Funds envisaged by the call are intended to encourage the growth of new innovative companies, which enhance the results of research in a productive manner, in compliance with current European legislation.

The grant is aimed at promoting Settlement and Development Agreements, which will have a positive impact in terms of production, innovation and employment in the regional territory, with particular regard to the smart specialization of the production system.

The grant is aimed at fostering the development and innovation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises by supporting research and development projects that introduce product and / or process innovation and contribute to the competitive strengthening, growth and employment of [...]

The grant is aimed at fostering innovation in micro, small, medium-sized enterprises by supporting the implementation of an Innovation Plan for the development of new products, processes or services or the innovation of existing products or services.

The present grant, in pursuing the specific objective of the POR-FESR 2014-2020 of the Piedmont Region "Enhancing the capacity to develop excellence in R&I", aims, through the provision of vouchers to companies for the acquisition of services specialized and qualified [...]

‘Organ-on-Chip’ (OoC) is a promising technology for achieving more effective in-vitro research in a broad range of life science sectors. Proposals should focus on: - Multidisciplinary research for the development of Organ-on-Chip technologies able to mimic human organs and organ-systems;- [...]

Research activities on functional biomaterials for regenerative medicine should show their advanced properties and their eventual field of application. Proposals should cover one of the following domains: - Targeted musculoskeletal delivery of cells or biologically active agents and innovative biomaterials [...]

The challenge is to develop technologies to deal with the upcycling of plastics for food and drinks packaging. Proposals will address as many as possible of the following aspects: - Expand the potential of current technologies and materials for the [...]

Proposals should cover the following activities:- Research and innovation for efficient and low cost remediation strategies using microorganisms by means of emerging biotechnologies that require minimum or zero external energy or chemicals and that reduce the remediation time compared to [...]

Proposals submitted to this topic will work on the integration of different 'omics datasets and different data types towards the definitive goal of fully understanding the causal relations between the genome of an organism and its phenotype, i.e. how biological [...]

The challenge of this call is to create an EU industrial renewable energy sector which is economically sustainable and competitive in European and global markets in the long-term.Proposals will aim to develop solutions to support the worldwide large-scale deployment of [...]

SCOPE: The call aims at reviving and boosting the productive system of the Complex crisis area in the Savonese.ADMISSIBLE PROJECTS: All projects performed in the area (Cairo Montenotte, Vado Ligure, Quiliano and Villanova d'Albenga). It is required a minimum investment [...]

The objective is to bring radical improvements to the quality and energy performance of existing public buildings by encouraging the development and validation of breakthrough solutions through Pre-Commercial Procurement. Support will be given for developing novel components and configurations to [...]

The proposal will establish a long term partnership through the implementations of a series of strategic and joint research and innovation actions, and their related research capacity building actions, whose development has been conceptualized and whose essential elements have been [...]

SCOPE: Boosting the industrial recovery and the riqualification of the productive system in Ventimiglia areaADMISSIBLE PROJECTS: All investment plans started on or after July, 1st 2018 and not concluded yetBENEFICIARIES: MSMEs, even associated in Cooperatives or Consortia. Please read the [...]