BIOPEN @BBISF19 – open innovation platform to network stakeholders

“Good practices are to connect the stakeholders that are in different points of the value chain, to establish co-innovation partnerships in new or existing value chains within the bioeconomy, by setting up an open innovation platform to match-make projects, share knowledge and create a ‘network of networks’. In a word the creation of a bio-based community.”, said Patricia Circelli, coordinator of the BIOPEN project at the BBI JU Stakeholder Forum in Brussels on 04 December. She emphasised that this was possible thanks to the great involvement of the cluster partners, able to involve in the project activities stakeholders from their network.

This was echeod by her colleague Stefania Baldassare, who represented BIOPEN in one of the panel discussions, and pointed out that it had been instrumental to involve stakeholders in gathering information to write the perspective studies. Their input had helped the authors write studies on five different value chains.








Patricia Circelli at the BIOPEN booth