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2nd IBISBA 1.0 Open Call for Research Projects
Aiming to move your research towards industrial application? Require services that your
institute/university/company does not have? Need to move your innovation project forward?
Then IBISBA might be able to help. You are now invited to apply for access to IBISBA’s research facilities ( using the framework of the 2nd IBISBA 1.0 call for research projects.

About the Open Call
IBISBA 1.0 is operating a Transnational Access (TNA) programme, which provides subsidized access to a set of research facilities. The TNA programme is open to all researchers (public and private sectors)* wishing to translate their research results into pre-industrial innovation.

About IBISBA 1.0
IBISBA 1.0 is a H2020 INFRADEV research infrastructure project aiming to create and operate a Pan-European coordinated research infrastructure network to provide innovation services to industrial biotechnology. These services include the hosting of bioprocess development projects, helping to translate results into preindustrial innovation, the development of experimental workflows and standards to improve interoperability and reproducibility, a web-based repository for knowledge asset management and first-rate training for early career stage researchers.

* Researchers from both EU member states and third countries are eligible. Subsidized access to facilities demands compliance (except EU-based SMEs) with EU Open Science rules.